Why Natural And Authentic Articles Are Important To SEO

We all know that Search Engine Optimization is a proven and reliable way to increase a website’s online presence while also increasing traffic and ranking while increasing chances for conversion and sales. If a business or website is not currently using a SEO campaign delivered by knowledgeable professionals, then they are one step behind their competition. There are many (many!!!) different steps and plans that can be implemented to create a successful SEO campaign for businesses looking for Sacramento SEO services or anywhere else in the world. One of these ways is to utilize natural articles to create content, links and authority.

A naturally written article that is developed to be reader friendly and contain reliable and genuine content has become a way for Google and other search engines to define quality websites. Today, content is king with SEO and an article (much like this one) can deliver remarkable results when used as a tool within a completed SEO project or campaign. The subject of the article should be completely focused and it should be written by a professional writer who knows what they are doing.

There should be proper word count (aim for approximately 400 – 500 words), proper keyword integration (although there is some debate on proper keyword integration, a general rule should be use of the keyword no more than once per every 125 – 150 words) and the article should prompt the reader to share it through Social Media or other sources. This type of article will provide significant results and bring about serious SEO and SERP activity. One last note, spinning articles or “spun” articles are archaic, damaging and should never be used under any circumstance.
Now that a genuine and content rich article has been developed, it is time to focus on links within the article. SEO professionals, like those in a Sacramento Internet Marketing or other locations, have fine tuned ways to include backlinks within an article so that they are not “stuffed” and deliver positive results. The plan is actually quite simple – insert a main link early on in the article, link to relevant content that has a high Page Rank and link to interior and sub-pages within your own website. Use anchor text with the links that are being inserted (a great way to highlight keywords) and under no circumstances should there be a higher link count of one link per every 150 words.
The article that is being created, and then distributed, should be done to develop your website (or the website that the article is being written for) as an authority for the topic and subject being written about. If the subject website is for a painting contractor there would be no reason to write a SEO article for that website that has main subject about European law. The article creates authority through the material and should be related to the keywords being used.

If in doubt, always use the keywords as a way to compare the content to the relevancy of the article.
This is a very quick outline on how well written articles can assist a SEO campaign. Many successful SEO projects include a variety of articles that use content, links and authority to deliver major results and a competitive advantage! Sacramento seo companies know how powerful SEO articles can be and can assist with these and many other internet marketing projects. Go to http://sacramentoseocompany.com for fast friendly help.